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Corinth Furries

Furries in the Backwoods

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Live in Corinth Mississippi? Furry? Welcome home!
Hello, and welcome to Corinth Furries! This community is an attempt to make the furries of Corinth Mississippi aware of each other and to bring them together. Many furries never meet face to face, but build friendships through the internet or at conventions. Sadly, few know where to look to find them in their hometowns. This is what we are all about! If you live in the Corinth area, then look no further. You’re home!

Intro Posts: Feel free to make a post about yourself and say hello! You can include information about your fursona, just you, your hobbies, anything! Please TAG the entry as 'introduction' so other people can find profiles more easily and put it behind a CUT.
(You can use the form below to get started if you like!)

[Anything else?]

Gatherings: Want to get together? Make a post and invite folks!

Art/Stories: As furries, we love art by default! However, we ask that you pretty please put your art or fursuit photos behind a cut. [ Things Behind the Cut ] Feel free to post links to FF.net, your DA page, or your own journal to show us what you've written.

Advertisement: If you would like to advertise your personal site, another community, something you have for sale, or anything else.

[!]Please put the appropriate warnings on your LJ cuts for anything that might NSFW (not be safe for work). Failure to do so will result in your post being deleted and you getting banned.

This community is moderated by wolfyttwisted.